Hello loves, our Curl Inspiration is the lovely Kesia of IslandKynks. Enjoy!


Hello Dolls, nice to meet you all 😀 my name is Kesia, but I’m better known as Isle of Azure. I am a part-time blogger and work as a Property Manager. My hair type is 4C, coily, kinky and spunky :D. I am in love my natural tresses and have come to appreciate every single one my kinks. I also love and admire all our natural sisters hair worldwide. Natural hair is simply amazing and beautiful in every length, texture, color and form.

Does your hair have a name you call it?
A: Hahaha, not at all, although, I do naturally refer to her as She.

Who or what inspired you to go natural?
A: 3 major family members, Aunt, Grandmama and Sister, all adopted :D. My Aunt returned natural and for about 3 years encouraged us, then my adopted Sister also returned natural, and encouraged us all, and still nothing, but with Grandmama, Aunt and Sis 😀 :D, who could say no to all that. I did tonnes of research of on YouTube about natural hair girls, best one found was Ms. Lisa from  www.napturallycurly.com


How long have you been natural?
A: I returned fully natural on February 28th 2012, which will make 4 years and counting.

What is your weekly regimen like?
A: Very simple, all I do is at night, sleep on my satin scarf. For weekly maintenance, mainly on Saturdays, will apply a dab of oil on my ends and moisturize with my favorite Oil Mix, which is a mix of: Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Mamee Oil, and Olive Oil. On extremely dry days, will apply Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner to my hair and ends, place hair in 9 to 12 braids or 2 strand twists plus Oil Mix on ends.


What is one hair product you can’t do without?
A: Without a doubt my hair oils, there are # 1 in my product arsenal, my faves are Coconut and Olive Oils.

Do you have any bad hair habits?
A: Yes, I did last year. I went product and YouTube Videos crazy, so I tried too many products and hair styles. With all of that and major stress my hair suffered a major setback, lost about 75% of her, and was left with a mess, only reason she is recovering is because my Mom stepped in and took over. She has helped me all the way with my hair health. So girls, please, take it from me, keep your hair maintenance simple and basic.


Are you a product junkie?
A: Used to be but no longer, learned my lesson well, product junkie is bad for my tresses and my wallet 😀 My regimen is super simple, wash days are every 2 to 3 weeks, protective style are 2 Strand Twists. My hair products are Oil Mix, Tresemme Conditioner, Hair Cream, Shea Butter and Oyins Pomade when needed.

What is the hardest thing about having natural hair?
A: For me, going through hair disasters and recovering from that, there is not a lot of information out there on how to deal with your hair going through tough phases which is why I posted my whole experience about it on my my personal blog, that way, you can see, having natural hair is not all peaches and cream. But of course, would never change at all, I do love my tresses and am not giving up on them ever, pure love!!!!!!!

Is having natural hair just a phase for you, or is it long term?
A: Absolutely long-term, was never a phase, once I started, knew from the beginning, my natural tresses was here to stay. My goal is happy, healthy hair, that is what is most important, health over length, any day for me.


Are you afraid of using heat on your hair?
A: Afraid, nope, panicked, not, more like highly terrified!!!!!!!!!!!! Not in 100,000 million years will I use that……….h…….e………a………t, no no no, hahaha, yes, dramatic but that is how I feel about heat on my tresses, not a chance my friends, shrinkage can be a pain but have learnt to deal with, it is what it is 😀

What is your favourite stretching method?
A: Have not done in ages but do love roller sets, they not only stretch the hair but does not damage and depending on your texture, can give you that defined elongated look, will have to try again in another 2 years. I also love the idea of African threading but have yet to try, would love to do so one day in the near future.



What is the worst comment anyone ever made about your hair?
A: Hmm, one time a good friend of the family, just came out and said, I do not like your hair, I responded, I do and that was that. Your hair is on your head, you love and cherish it baby, people seem to have strong opinions about hair, especially not their own so just ignore and go about your business and rock your tresses!

Any advice for new naturals?
A: Love your hair each day, cherish your beautiful healthy tresses, do what works for your hair. Keep your hair maintenance simple and basic, if it works, keep it. Keep inspired, every month take a pic of your tresses, you will go seeing the progress easier that way. Never give up and give in, you and your hair are Beautiful!!!

How can we stalk you?
A: Hahaha, too funny, all my posts are in one place, on WordPress, come visit me at: IslandKynks

Isn’t she just lovely? Thank you so much for sharing Ms Kesia! Be sure to check out her blog islandkynks.wordpress.com. She has some awesome stuff there for naturals and transitioners.
I hope you were inspired by her story. If you would like to be featured on Curl Inspiration, send a mail to nimiaworinde@gmail.com. I would be honoured to feature you here

My article was featured on thenakedconvos.com. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase check it out here The Nigerian Naturalistas Survival Guide 🙂
Thank you for reading :*. Have an awesome week ahead!
I love you :* :* :*

Nimi ❤

Published by Natural Nimi

I am a medical student residing in Lagos, Nigeria. I have worn my hair natural(unpermed) since 2013, and here I share my experiences. I'm not perfect, but I believe that natural is a journey on which we are constantly learning. 

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