Best Heatless Method For Stretching Natural Hair

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This week’s post is all about stretchy-stretchy-STRETCHING!!!
The use of heat appliances (especially blow dryers) is a commonly used method to stretch natural hair. However, the use of these heat appliances can lead to split ends and damaged hair. There are many other methods you can use to stretch your natural hair, which don’t require the use of heat, like African threading, braiding, twisting, etc. This week I show you my favourite method for stretching my hair: banding.


Stretched hair:
1. Retains moisture better.
2. Gives better curl definition when styled.
3. Makes detangling a breeze (Natural hair should only be detangled when stretched)
4. Allows you see the real length of your hair.

See how I use the banding method:

In this video, my hair wasn’t too shrunken because I washed it in sections. However, the effect of the banding method can still be seen. The rubber bands I used in the video aren’t exactly the best. The regular elastic hair bands are better, but I had to use what I had.


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