We all know now that moisture is none negotiable for those of us who want to grow long and healthy hair. To moisturize simply means to dampen. Water is simply the best moisturizer for your natural hair. This means that all those creams without water(aqua) among the first five ingredients are not really moisturizers.

Moisturized hair is always easier to manage. Hair that has been well moisturized also gives better curl definition, and breaks less easily. 

There are various methods that people use to moisturize their hair, but my favourite is the LOC method.

LOC: Liquid, Oil, Cream.

Liquid: I begin by applying my spritz onto my hair. The aim is to make my hair damp, not soaking wet. Although you can use a water based moisturizer, real water is preferred.

Oil: I then go on to apply a coat of oil on my hair. My favourite oils are coconut and olive oils, but any hair-friendly oil of your choice should suffice.
Note that oil itself is not a moisturizer. The purpose of applying the oil is to seal in the moisture.

Cream: The final coat of cream is used to further seal in the moisture. This ensures that the moisture that has been infused by the application of the liquid moisturizer does not escape. Hair butters such as shea or cocoa butter can be used. I use my water based leave in conditioner or shea butter for this.

Some people use the LCO method, which means the cream comes before the oil. You can try both methods and use the one that works best for you!

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Published by Natural Nimi

I am a medical student residing in Lagos, Nigeria. I have worn my hair natural(unpermed) since 2013, and here I share my experiences. I'm not perfect, but I believe that natural is a journey on which we are constantly learning. 

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  1. The loc method really helps our hair to maximize the moisture, I love it! I usually use water, coconut oil and Shea butter.


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