Help! My Scalp Itches!!!


Hi guys, it’s been a while since I answered your hair questions on the blog, so I thought it would be great to have another #AskNimi post. Remember to send your questions to Enjoy!

My questions are:
1. How long does a deep conditioner need to stay on for?
2. Most importantly how do I get rid of dandruff. I’ve tried many things to no avail, including anti-dandruff shampoo & hair cream. I don’t use any special product for my scalp.Your suggestions would be appreciated

Anticipating your response.

Hi, thank you for reading my blog.

If the deep conditioner is a protein treatment you should only leave it on for the time stated on the treatment, which shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes.

However, if it is a moisture treatment, it can be left on for as long as you want, you can even leave it overnight. I figured out that when I leave it longer, my hair remains moisturized better, and it’s much softer.

The best DIY deep conditioner for 4b/4c hair:

After the deep conditioner, you can rinse out thoroughly with water. But if you’re scared of the smell, you can wash with regular conditioner(co-washing) or a little shampoo

For your question about dandruff, you would probably need to see a trichologist who will be able to help with the treatment.

However, you could try the apple cider vinegar leave in in this post(number 3)­nditioners-all-under-500-naira/
Apple cider vinegar works great for itchy scalps.

Hope your following the #deepconditioning series on instagram. Check it out @naturalnimi

Nimi ❤


4 thoughts on “Help! My Scalp Itches!!!

  1. kinkynigeriancurls says:

    Nice post! My scalp was so itchy this past week (I guess the change in weather got my scalp dry). So last night I soaked my hair with ACV overnight, the next day (today) was my wash day, after washing and all that, I spritz my scalp with diluted ACV , applied my oil mix (which contained some anti dandruff oils like, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, neem oil, ginger oil) it felt good! No more itch!

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  2. Skatsz says:

    I had the same issue a while back, dry and itchy scalp. After some bit of research I found tea tree can really alleviate the issue due to its anti-fungal properties. So I applied some (a little bit goes a long way) just a bit & its been glorious ever since 🙂

    Great post btw!


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