Hi loves,
A few weeks ago, I ran a series explaining everything about deep conditioning on my instagram page
(P.S: If you’re not following me on instagram, you don’t know what you’re missing ooo).

In this series, I answered the following questions:

🌼What is a deep conditioner? 
🌼How is it different from regular conditioners?
🌼How do I apply a deep conditioner to my hair?
🌼For how long should I leave it on?
🌼Are there types of deep conditioners? 
🌼How do I know which one I need? 
And finally…
🌼Why should I deep condition?

Here goes:

🌼What is a deep conditioner?
🌻A deep conditioner is one that deeply conditions the hair preventing breakage and giving strength to the hair.

🌼How is it different from regular conditioners?
🌻 A deep conditioner coats the hair strands more deeply than a regular conditioner to prevent breakage and damage. The effect of a deep conditioner will last longer than the effect of a regular one.

🌼How do I apply a deep conditioner to my hair?
🌻 Read the instructions that come with the treatment. Normally, a deep conditioner should be applied just like a regular conditioner.
Apply throughout the length of the hair. Then cover it and apply heat to it. The instructions will explain how to apply heat, some treatments require you to use a shower cap, while some may require covering the hair with a warm towel. However, If the DC is DIY, you would probably need to use a shower cap. .

🌼For how long should I leave it on?
🌻 The instructions should also state this. A protein deep conditioner may not be left for too long, a moisturizing deep conditioner may be left for longer- 1 hour to overnight if you wish!

I really hope you enjoy this series, let me know(in the comment box) if you learnt something new 🙂

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Nimi ❤

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I am a medical student residing in Lagos, Nigeria. I have worn my hair natural(unpermed) since 2013, and here I share my experiences. I'm not perfect, but I believe that natural is a journey on which we are constantly learning. 

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