Why Should I Deep Condition? Part II


Benefits of Deep Conditioning II

๐ŸŒปDeep conditioning softens the hair

Deep conditioning with a moisture DC is one of the best treatments for softer hair.

๐ŸŒปDeep conditioning protects the hair
Deep conditioners coat the hair strands with an extra layer to protect them from harsh weather, the sun, heating appliances, etc

๐ŸŒปDeep conditioning repairs damaged hair.
It does this by coating the entire strand, the extra coat covers up any damage.

๐ŸŒปDeep conditioning makes the hair shinier.
Looking for ways to make your hair shinier? Deep conditioning works wonders! Deep conditioning improves your hair’s ability to remain moisturized, and moisturized hair gives more shine.

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I really hope you enjoy this series, let me know(in the comment box) if you learnt something new ๐Ÿ™‚

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Nimi โค


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