Beautiful Ellen is our Curl Inspiration of the month! 

Hi I’m Ellen, a Nigerian. I’m a Nurse, a natural hair Enthusiast. I bake and cook too 😄. I have a natural hair and beauty channel on BBM and YouTube and also a Blog, I provide lots of hairstyling tutorials, hair treatments and talk about products, hair care, tips for healthy natural hair,  etc and also share my food recipes. My hair type is 4C 


How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 3 years! But I had a second big chop in March, 2016. 

Who or what inspired you to go natural?

Seeing how beautiful and versatile natural hair is made me fall in love with it and go into that path.


Does your hair have a name you call it?

Yes I have a name for my hair, her name is Ellie

What is your weekly regimen like?

I wash and deep condition my hair biweekly or weekly, and moisturize daily.

What is one hair product you can’t do without?

My Leave in conditioner never departs from me lol. 


Do you have any bad hair habits?

Hmmm I’m not sure I have any. 

Are you a product junkie?

Not really, but I love to try out new products lol


What is the hardest thing about having natural hair?

Managing my texture.

Is having natural hair just a phase for you, or is it long term?

It’s for life


You’re such a great hair stylist, do you have any professional training in hair styling?

Thank you, No I don’t have any professional training in hair styling.

Are you afraid of using heat on your hair?

Yes I am!! I’v never used heat on my hair asides steaming during treatments


What is your favourite stretching method?

African Threading A.K.A kiko 

What is the worst comment anyone ever made about your hair?

I remember way back in school when I had a TWA, I had finger coils on my hair, my lecturer was like “what’s this on your hair?  it’s so untidy and unkept, it looks like dreadlocks”


Any advice for new naturals?

My advice for new naturals, love your hair and it will love you back…accept it for what it is and how it is…don’t get caught up into trying to make your hair do what someone else’s hair does, it will only frustrate you…find what works for you and don’t become a market for everyone who has something to sell…be happy with who you are and the hair God gave you and love life!

How can we stalk you?

You can find me on:



BBMC: Kinkynigeriancurls C00183235




Isn’t she lovely? Thank you Ellen for sharing!

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Nimi ❤

Published by Natural Nimi

I am a medical student residing in Lagos, Nigeria. I have worn my hair natural(unpermed) since 2013, and here I share my experiences. I'm not perfect, but I believe that natural is a journey on which we are constantly learning. 

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  1. Ellen is great at the natural hair business. I’ve followed her on her channel and blog for a long time now. I’ve been natural for almost as long as she has. I take her tips because she seems to know what she’s doing and how it works exactly for her. And she’s liberal with styles. I even save her pics and try to copy some styles.
    She needs to know she’s doing a good work and it’s helpful for a lot of us. She’s appreciated
    She should

    Liked by 1 person

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