Poem: Magic Personified


Remember pretty Olajumoke from Curl Inspiration: Olajumoke? . Well, she forgot to add that she’s an amaaaaaaaazing poet. And she has written a lovely piece on the beauty of the African naturalista.

Do enjoy… And don’t forget to show Olajumoke some love in the comments box๐Ÿ˜‰…

The African woman is an embodiment of magic;
She wears her hair like a crown;
Every kink, every curl, every knot is just magic;
Her edges slay even when they refuse to get laid.

Oh! That skin is just as beautiful as gold;
It sparkles more under the sun, even when getting old;
She ages gracefully and wrinkles beautifully;
It is called the melanin goody.

She acts like a queen, so she likes to win;
She raises her children as princes and princesses;
She treats her husband like a king;
She really is a queen.

She is not just beautiful with great curves;
She is intelligent and a great thinker;
She is a home builder and a great cook;
She is magic personified.

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Nimi โค


6 thoughts on “Poem: Magic Personified

  1. Alex says:

    #Team natural. An African woman adorned in beauty; glory of her hair and true African style and culture. A queen with a crown๐Ÿ‘Œ If indeed it were a small world, I would have…
    #Slaying piece; fun#tastic; enjoyed every bit of it.


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