My name is Damilola Marcus, I’m an art director, architect, writer and lover of positive energy. My hair is predominantly 4b and I have some 4a at the back. I have low porosity hair, thick strands and medium density hair. 

Does your hair have a name you call it?

Naaa. My hair is my hair. Name ke? No it doesn’t . Maybe I’ll give it one someday. 


Who or what inspired you to go natural?

I cut my hair once because I was over dying and over processing. It needed a fresh start. Plus I wanted to rock a low cut for a while. As per hot hot, I had no intentions of going natural. I relaxed it after a while. It was thick and full but I didn’t like the way it styled. I missed my low cut. So I cut it again. Then it started growing, I got too lazy to go to the barbers, so I just kept growing it… Then one day it hit me, “I love the way this feels and looks”.

I can be very lazy, the thought of having to go to the salon to relax my hair felt like a chore in itself, I would have to be doing that every 3 months, plus it hurts and gradually thins my hair out.. Little by little I just fell in love with my natural hair and it happened naturally.

How long have you been natural?

About 3 years 6 months. I used to think it was 5. But recently I just calmed down to calculate it. My relationship is about 4 years 3 months. And throughout the first 8 months of my relationship I was constantly tripping to the barber. I guess I’m so used to my hair it feels like I’ve had it forever. 


What is your weekly regimen like?

On good weeks I wash on the weekends, condition (my conditioning is so dramatic, you don’t even want me to start), seal. I don’t use leave ins. They don’t have any effect other than sheen on my low porosity hair. I’d rather just seal with shea butter and castor oil to avoid product build up. Then I do some juicy twists to last the week. During the week I co wash with my   Regular conditioner every 3 days and seal. 

On lazy weeks I just do the weekend, no mid week nothing…I just let my hair be. Sometimes I don’t even loosen the twist from the previous week. I just do my conditioning routine, seal and carry them on for one more week. That’s why I don’t joke with my scarves and pins and wigs.  I retain length when I let my hair be. I comb once a month. Finger detangling is bae. Some weeks I don’t shampoo. I only shampoo when my hair feels gunky.

What is one hair product you can’t do without?

Hydrating conditioner. I can eat it sef. My low porosity hair isn’t the biggest fan of protein. Hydrating conditioner is truly my best friend. 

Do you have any bad hair habits?

Yes. Some months I forget I’m natural or that I even have hair. I get really lazy and my hair dries out. Then me and my hair pretty much hate each other. 

Are you a product junkie?

Naa. I’m not. I used to be until I got a better understanding of how hair works. I know exactly what I’m looking for in my products. 

What is the hardest thing about having natural hair?

Acceptance. You have to accept that your hair is not always going to be obedient. you have to accept that your hair needs care to reach your goals. I think it’s hard to accept. You have to accept that the world may not always love or understand your natural hair and that’s okay. You have to accept that it gets hard sometimes.


Is having natural hair just a phase for you, or is it long term?

I don’t see me going relaxed ever again. Like I said, I’m so used to having this hair. I think it’s beautiful. The way my hair curls. I feel like a baby. It’s so beautiful. I might cut my hair sometime in the future, I like the low cut look. But I’ll grow it back natural. 

Are you afraid of using heat on your hair?

Yes and no. I don’t apply heat on my hair. It’s stress. I have before, it went back curly so fast I didn’t see the point. May be it was my poor skills sha. I think I’m presently afraid of heat because I have some hair goals for this year (in terms of length). I’m not so scared of heat in general. I think natural hair is so versatile and resilient, heat shouldn’t be a problem if done with caution and not overdone. 

What is your favourite stretching method?

After washing I put conditioner on my hair. I hold my hair with bands in about 8 sections. Braid the sections. Rinse the conditioner out. I don’t take out the braids or bands. Then I let my hair air dry in the braids and the bands. 

What is the worst comment anyone ever made about your hair?

To be honest. I haven’t gotten bad remarks about my hair. Some people think rocking a fro is a tiny bit crazy. I guess they are not used to black girls rocking their mane. That will change over time. But no bad remarks. Even when I was crazy lazy, confused and untidy in the first 2 and half years of my journey.


Any advice for new naturals?

The journey is made up of phases. Some good, some bad, some experimental, some confusing, some pretty, some fustrating, some beautiful, some awkward. Don’t give up! They are just phases. Trust me all you need is to understand your hair and it’s needs and that happens over time. Don’t give up before you get the chance to know your hair and become its master.

How can we stalk you?

Lool. I’m an Instagram gyal.. Stalk me on @natural_in_lagos for natural hair tips and what not. @vaindami just incase you just want to see me slay. 

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I am a medical student residing in Lagos, Nigeria. I have worn my hair natural(unpermed) since 2013, and here I share my experiences. I'm not perfect, but I believe that natural is a journey on which we are constantly learning. 

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