What’s Your Hair Porosity?

Want longer hair? I know we all do. However, achieving longer hair requires a number of necessary components. Undoubtedly, one component is moisture. Moisture is probably the most important element required for grooming healthy hair. Hair without moisture is dry, brittle and breaks off easily.

Why You Should Sleep With A Silk or Satin Scarf or Bonnet

Wearing my silk scarf to bed every night is one of my resolutions for the year that I shared with you. Today, I’m sharing with you why it is important to do so. Read my New Year Hair Resolutions for 2017 Silk or satin scarves(or bonnets or pillowcases) are very soft and so they cushion […]

5 Tips To Prevent Heat Damage to Your Hair

Although some of us would never apply heat to our hair even with a ten foot dryer handle :D, some of us are more liberal with the use of heat on our hair. If you belong to the latter category,

Best Heatless Method For Stretching Natural Hair

Hi darlings, How are you? And how was your week? My week was full of super stuff, which you’ll get to know about later 😉 This week’s post is all about stretchy-stretchy-STRETCHING!!! The use of heat appliances (especially blow dryers) is a commonly used method to stretch natural hair. However, the use of these heat […]


We all love our natural hair, however, sometimes we need to give it a break from daily styling and manipulation. Protective styles are also great to retain length, and they save you a lot of time and stress if you have a busy lifestyle. However, P.Ss give you a break from styling your natural hair, […]

My Wash Day Regimen

For most naturals, wash day takes an entire day. Wash day comprises of pre-pooing, shampooing, regular conditioning and then deep conditioning. As a busy natural, I cannot afford to spend a whole day just washing my hair. I try to wash my hair about once a month or as the need arises. My wash day […]