Lessons on My Natural Hair Journey

Happy New Year fam!!! It’s been such a long time. I’ve missed blogging so much. Thanks to everyone who wished me well in my exams. I passed very well, and thanks for your prayers and well wishes.  For my first post this year, I have decided to share not just my “natural hair story”, but […]

Why Should I Deep Condition?: Part I

The Benefits of Deep Conditioning 1. Deep conditioning helps your hair retain moisture better. If you realise that your natural hair is always dry you need to deep condition more often. A moisture deep conditioner is needed for dry hair. 2. Deep conditioning reduces hair breakage. If your hair is breaking off so much, you […]

#DeepConditioning Series: Part II

🌼Are there types of deep conditioners? 🌻 Yes, all deep conditioners are broadly classified into two: 1) Protein DCs; and 2) Moisture DCs. Protein DCs give strength to the hair. A moisture DC is one that increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture. My mayonnaise DC works as both a protein and moisture treatment. Do […]

#DeepConditioning Series: Part I

Hi loves, A few weeks ago, I ran a series explaining everything about deep conditioning on my instagram page (P.S: If you’re not following me on instagram, you don’t know what you’re missing ooo). In this series, I answered the following questions:

The Naturalista’s Harmattan Survival Guide

Ladies and gentlemen, the harmattan season is upon us!😱 *runs to hide in cave*. When I first returned natural, I used to dread this season because of the mad dryness of hair it brings.

Help! My Scalp Itches!!!

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I answered your hair questions on the blog, so I thought it would be great to have another #AskNimi post. Remember to send your questions to nimiaworinde@gmail.com. Enjoy! Question My questions are: 1. How long does a deep conditioner need to stay on for? 2. Most importantly how […]

My Wash Day Regimen

For most naturals, wash day takes an entire day. Wash day comprises of pre-pooing, shampooing, regular conditioning and then deep conditioning. As a busy natural, I cannot afford to spend a whole day just washing my hair. I try to wash my hair about once a month or as the need arises. My wash day […]