5 Tips To Prevent Heat Damage to Your Hair

Although some of us would never apply heat to our hair even with a ten foot dryer handle :D, some of us are more liberal with the use of heat on our hair. If you belong to the latter category,

What’s The Best Way to Moisturize Your Natural Hair?

We all know now that moisture is none negotiable for those of us who want to grow long and healthy hair. To moisturize simply means to dampen. Water is simply the best moisturizer for your natural hair. This means that all those creams without water(aqua) among the first five ingredients are not really moisturizers.


Hello darlings😘, How are you? How was last week? This week’s gist is all about moisture retention. Dry hair is hair that is lacking in moisture. A lot of naturalistas who moisturize their hair regularly still have dry hair a little while after moisturizing. This can be a great problem, and can even make some naturalistas […]

My Wash Day Regimen

For most naturals, wash day takes an entire day. Wash day comprises of pre-pooing, shampooing, regular conditioning and then deep conditioning. As a busy natural, I cannot afford to spend a whole day just washing my hair. I try to wash my hair about once a month or as the need arises. My wash day […]