We all love our natural hair, however, sometimes we need to give it a break from daily styling and manipulation. Protective styles are also great to retain length, and they save you a lot of time and stress if you have a busy lifestyle.

P.Ss give you a break from styling your natural hair, not caring for it.

*P.S-Protective Style.
If you don’t know what a P.S is, please read this post.

This is my basic hair regimen when my hair is in kinky twists:
1. Washing.
Afro kinky twists are my go to style because they are so easy to maintain. They can be washed so they are great for long-term protective styles.
If your P.S can’t be washed you can try out dry shampoo, which is just sprayed unto the hair.

2. Conditioning
I use olive oil to condition my hair while it is in a P.S. This is to avoid build up of hair products on my hair.
However, you can make a spray mix of water and conditioner to be used after washing. See recipe here(it’s number 2)

3. Moisturizing
I use the regular LOC method to moisturize my hair in a P.S. I made a video showing how. Watch below

It’s important to moisturize your hair while your P.S is in to avoid breakage when taking it out.
MOISTURE TIP: Ditch the shower cap when in the shower. The steam from the shower gives your hair some extra moisture.

4. Sleep time
If your hair is in a protective style which leaves it still partially exposed, you still need to sleep with your silk or satin scarf/pillowcase.

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Published by Natural Nimi

I am a medical student residing in Lagos, Nigeria. I have worn my hair natural(unpermed) since 2013, and here I share my experiences. I'm not perfect, but I believe that natural is a journey on which we are constantly learning. 

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