How To Comb and Detangle Your Thick Natural Hair without Tears

  Hello fam, It’s been quite a minute! How are you doing? I hope you’re well and in good health. With the lockdown in many cities across the world, a lot of us have no choice but to make our own hair. I have decided to create a couple of explanatory posts and videos to […]

Curl Inspiration: Ellen

Beautiful Ellen is our Curl Inspiration of the month!  Hi I’m Ellen, a Nigerian. I’m a Nurse, a natural hair Enthusiast. I bake and cook too 😄. I have a natural hair and beauty channel on BBM and YouTube and also a Blog, I provide lots of hairstyling tutorials, hair treatments and talk about products, hair care, […]

What’s Your Hair Porosity?

Want longer hair? I know we all do. However, achieving longer hair requires a number of necessary components. Undoubtedly, one component is moisture. Moisture is probably the most important element required for grooming healthy hair. Hair without moisture is dry, brittle and breaks off easily.

Why You Should Sleep With A Silk or Satin Scarf or Bonnet

Wearing my silk scarf to bed every night is one of my resolutions for the year that I shared with you. Today, I’m sharing with you why it is important to do so. Read my New Year Hair Resolutions for 2017 Silk or satin scarves(or bonnets or pillowcases) are very soft and so they cushion […]

New Year Hair Resolutions for 2017!!!

Happy New Year people!!! Even though we’re 7 days into the year, it’s never too late😉. May 2017 be your best year yet! New Years come with new resolutions, and although I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions, I do have some bad hair practices that I must stop this year. I’m sharing them […]

The Naturalista’s Harmattan Survival Guide

Ladies and gentlemen, the harmattan season is upon us!😱 *runs to hide in cave*. When I first returned natural, I used to dread this season because of the mad dryness of hair it brings.

Help! My Scalp Itches!!!

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I answered your hair questions on the blog, so I thought it would be great to have another #AskNimi post. Remember to send your questions to Enjoy! Question My questions are: 1. How long does a deep conditioner need to stay on for? 2. Most importantly how […]

My Hair Diary #2

Hi loves, How have you been? Hope you missed me as much as I missed you. Have you read my BellaNaija interview ? I’m still so excited. Anyways, I’m back with some 4c hair inspiration for y’all. Enjoy!!! 1. Chunky Twist Out!!! I achieved this Twist out with Shea butter only. You see why I […]