Chunky Twist Out on Natural 4c Hair Tutorial + Cash Giveaway

Twist outs are the absolute fave of many naturals not just because they look great, but they are also extremely versatile. They’re perfect for school, work and play! In this tutorial, I took the regular twist out and put a unique Natural Nimi spin on it. It came out absolutely amazing. And yes, it can […]

All You Need To Know About Protective Styling

The entire aim of installing a protective style is to prevent your hair from damage. However, many of us don’t really see the benefits of protective styling (Remember that large chunk of hair that came out the last time you removed those braids?) because we don’t do it right

Lessons on My Natural Hair Journey

Happy New Year fam!!! It’s been such a long time. I’ve missed blogging so much. Thanks to everyone who wished me well in my exams. I passed very well, and thanks for your prayers and well wishes.  For my first post this year, I have decided to share not just my “natural hair story”, but […]

What’s Your Hair Porosity?

Want longer hair? I know we all do. However, achieving longer hair requires a number of necessary components. Undoubtedly, one component is moisture. Moisture is probably the most important element required for grooming healthy hair. Hair without moisture is dry, brittle and breaks off easily.

Why You Should Sleep With A Silk or Satin Scarf or Bonnet

Wearing my silk scarf to bed every night is one of my resolutions for the year that I shared with you. Today, I’m sharing with you why it is important to do so. Read my New Year Hair Resolutions for 2017 Silk or satin scarves(or bonnets or pillowcases) are very soft and so they cushion […]

New Year Hair Resolutions for 2017!!!

Happy New Year people!!! Even though we’re 7 days into the year, it’s never too late😉. May 2017 be your best year yet! New Years come with new resolutions, and although I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions, I do have some bad hair practices that I must stop this year. I’m sharing them […]

Why Should I Deep Condition?: Part I

The Benefits of Deep Conditioning 1. Deep conditioning helps your hair retain moisture better. If you realise that your natural hair is always dry you need to deep condition more often. A moisture deep conditioner is needed for dry hair. 2. Deep conditioning reduces hair breakage. If your hair is breaking off so much, you […]

#DeepConditioning Series: Part II

🌼Are there types of deep conditioners? 🌻 Yes, all deep conditioners are broadly classified into two: 1) Protein DCs; and 2) Moisture DCs. Protein DCs give strength to the hair. A moisture DC is one that increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture. My mayonnaise DC works as both a protein and moisture treatment. Do […]